The Mesh Network

About Us

Our vision is to be the leading platform for accessing data from any physical environment in a simple way.

Our Values:
People Inspire Us

Senseware is committed to fostering creative thought and encouraging diversity through our people and activities. We believe that our people are our most valuable differentiator and strive to create an open, inquisitive, and encouraging environment.

Excellence Drives Us

At Senseware, we don’t cut corners. We deliver outstanding products and unmatched customer service to our clients at every step. We succeed when our clients are satisfied and meeting their goals.

Ambiguity Fears Us

Can’t find a solution? No worries, we’ll invent one. Innovation is the core of Senseware. We’re committed to constantly improving our capabilities, exploring new markets, and engineering future-proof solutions.

Meet Our Team

Serene Almomen

Co-Founder, CEO

Julien Stamatakis

Co-Founder, CTO

Michael Sahouri

Chief Evangelist

Duane Kobayashi

Chief Strategy & IP Officer

Tim Gallagher

Director of Sales

Stephanie Chung

Customer Success & Project Manager

Nathan Sacks

Hardware Engineer

Chase Youngblood

Technical Sales Engineer

Brian Corey

Account Executive

Hilary Garnett

Customer Success Manager

Dri Torres

Software Engineer

Micah Bales

Software Engineer

Ethan DeVries

Building Efficiency Evangelist

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