Green Building

Ready or Not. People are Requiring Energy Efficient Buildings.

Buildings use of electricity has increased over the last several decades and it is now nearly 38% of all US energy. These come from consumption in residential, commercial and manufacturing facilities that are used for lighting and space conditioning, and water heating.

Tenant Housing

How You Can Use Sensors to Improve Housing

We now have more cellphones than people in the world. This has led to the expectation that everything has to be at our fingertips. Hence, smart home systems have become popular in the last couple of years. Not only have these devices become affordable but also easy to install and maintain.

HVAC Systems

Everything you need to know about HVAC Systems but are too embarrassed to ask

What is a HVAC System? HVAC Systems – Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning systems –are an important part of any building such as residential (homes, apartments, condos etc.), commercial buildings (e.g., hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings etc.) and industries (factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants etc.) They help in controlling the temperature, humidity and air quality to provide comfortable indoor environment to …

Launch Your Buildings to the 21st Century

3 Ways to Launch Your Buildings into the 21st Century

Energy efficiency and energy savings are at the topmost goal of every commercial building owner and facility manager. This is because buildings account for 41% of the total energy consumption in the United States. Moreover, building-sector energy consumption grew by 48% between 1980 and 2009. This is due to population growth, increased use of appliances and enhancement of building services …

Builder Online

The Gift of Data for Better Living and Cost Savings via Builder Online

“Every time that we want a specific type of data, we find a sensor. Sometimes we have to do some development around sensors to make them usable. The trend in every technological field is for more data, not less. Housing is no exception. Technology in housing will push the envelope and customers will expect full awareness of their environmental surroundings. …

Gas Mask

6 Scary Things You Need to Know about Indoor Air Quality

For many of us, the end of October means apple cider, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating. But this year, the most frightening thing that fall has brought is not Halloween – it is the dramatically worsened air quality after several months of sustained wildfires. The continuing wildfires in California have sparked widespread concern about air quality in general, and Indoor Air …

Green buildings

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

People see smog, receive air quality advisories from the weather report and smell car exhaust in crowded cities. They know that air pollution is bad, but they may not know about indoor air quality and how much of an impact it has on their lives. Facility managers that want to create a comfortable and healthy business environment for all staff …