Why Senseware

Digital Transformation has forced an industry response to disruption.
Enterprises are racing to deliver real-time cloud services to extract new customer value.
Their data problem stands in the way of successfully evolving their business models.

The Problem with IoT Development Kits


Not Wanted

Enterprises initially considered IoT development and prototyping kits because existing, purpose-built IoT products don't fit their needs. After experimenting, they realized that DIY development is a distraction from their core-business initiatives; they don't want to take on the responsibility and risk of internally supporting an IoT technology roadmap.

We've Already Built It For You

Senseware's complete IoT Technology Stack is solution ready, making IoT development kits a relic of the past. Our IoT Platform supports no-code, rapid architecting of your IoT solution without development. Don't get stuck managing the risky proposition of a DIY project. We work best when you know the specific set of real-time data you need to drive the cloud-connected products and services you envision.

We accelerate your time to market, and shorten your time to revenue.

Are you comfortable with the hope that your current technology roadmap will meet the challenge of digital transformation in your industry?

Industries Already Impacted

Demand Response Management
Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
Engineering and Consulting Companies
Equipment Manufacturers (e.g., HVAC)
Facility Management
Healthy Building Services
Mechanical Contracting Services
And more . . .