How You Can Use Sensors to Improve Housing

We now have more cellphones than people in the world. This has led to the expectation that everything has to be at our fingertips. Hence, smart home systems have become popular in the last couple of years. Not only have these devices become affordable but also easy to install and maintain.

Cracking the Code Between Smart Building Technologies and IoT to Boost IAQ

The Future Role of IT in Smart Buildings

As information technology (IT) develops further, it is important to distinguish how it differs from operations technology (OT). Both types of technology can be used to improve a smart building. IT is the spectrum of technologies for processing information. IT usually includes the setup and maintenance of a network. OT is hardware and software that senses or causes a change …

Predix is an industrial, cloud-based analytics model that helps IoT developers get the speed, scalability, and security needed to gain insight from IoT data and build solutions such as smart city applications.

2016 Intel Developer Forum: New Tech for Virtual Reality, Cloud, IoT

By Megan Bozman Last week Intel held their annual Developer Conference. Over 6,000 people attended IDF ’16, a record number, and a 20% increase in developer attendance over the last 3 years. In the opening keynote presentation, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich covered four themes related to how Intel is: Redefining the experience of computing Integrating visual intelligence into products of …