What is MVLR and why it is important

There is no denying in this day and age that everything is somewhat interconnected. This web of interconnectedness implies a direct or indirect influence (relationship) of variables (things, activities) on each other. An attempt to take in to consideration all the variables influencing an activity will be impossible and utterly inefficient. This is why it is only prudent for businesses …


How You Can Use Sensors to Improve Housing

We now have more cellphones than people in the world. This has led to the expectation that everything has to be at our fingertips. Hence, smart home systems have become popular in the last couple of years. Not only have these devices become affordable but also easy to install and maintain.

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Smart Buildings to Promote Wellness: Engineering Public Health

By Megan Bozman In addition to being a technology writer, I happen to be a fitness instructor, certified by the American Council on Exercise since 2000. I keep up with the latest fitness research out of necessity to maintain my certification, but also because it interests me. The fact that a sedentary lifestyle, like smoking, is profoundly damaging to our …

Reliable Building Data

7 Ways Smart Buildings are Changing Commercial Real Estate

Smart building technology has a profound effect on many industries, such as manufacturing, as well as the commercial real estate market. Today’s businesses are looking for more than an empty building that they house their equipment in. The smart building features are as much of a selling point as the location. Here are seven other ways that smart buildings are …

The Role of Predictive Maintenance

The Role of Predictive Maintenance

Today’s buildings are smarter than ever, with automation systems and other technology offering facility managers deep insight into operations. They have the opportunity to monitor areas that were previously unable to have sensors thanks to the Internet of Things. Integrated solutions improve visibility on a granular and broad level and make it possible for managers to move from preventative to …

PointGrab provides critical and actionable data about occupants’ activity in a building.

Smart Building Solutions: Integration is Key

By Megan Bozman Schneider Electric is a great company to watch in the IoT and smart building space. Back in July, I wrote about a report written by the company’s, vice-president of strategy and transformation, Preeti Bajaj, “Activate to Collaborate: the evolution of the smart office.” The report addresses the intersection of sustainability, and worker comfort and productivity in smart …

Ericsson Application Platform for IoT powers the smart building analytics

Nordic Smart Building Tech: ISS Leverages Ericsson and IBM Watson IoT

By Megan Bozman Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, ISS Facilities Management is one of the world’s largest private employers, with over half a million employees managing everything from concierge to cleaning, catering to technical maintenance for thousands of clients. The company sought an IoT solution to better manage over 25,000 buildings around the world, and currently has two distinct solutions in …

The Edge a smart building that utilizes sensors, image

What the Smartest Building in the World Means for Commercial Real Estate

Talk about cool – the building deemed to be the smartest and most connected in the world goes well beyond measuring energy and water consumption. Temperature and humidity measurements allow for precision controls that eliminate hot and cold spots. Smart lighting fixture that are connected to the Internet provide only as much light as needed. These features, and more, are …