Energy Saving Solutions with Senseware

10 Energy Cost Savings Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Energy consumption has been growing exponentially over the years. Today more than 4.7 million commercial buildings consume more energy than the transportation or industry sectors, accounting for nearly 40 percent of total U.S. energy use. The total energy used by U.S. buildings topped $369 billion in 2005.

Submetering Surfaces as Key Conservation Tactic for Facility Managers

For building managers aspiring to implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, it’s not enough to simply reduce consumption of energy and water. True resource management calls for ongoing measurement and analysis. Modern monitoring technology allows building managers to measure energy and water consumption with a finer level of detail.

12 Commercial Energy Conservation Tips

Commercial and residential buildings account for 40 percent of the United States’ total energy consumption, but facility managers can decrease an individual building’s usage by 30 percent through aggressive conservation efforts. While no single tip can decimate monthly energy expenditures, combining several tips will lead to a substantial reduction in energy use. Even small changes can easily lead to a …