Senseware Panelist at HIVE

Architecture vs. Climate Change – HIVE Panel

Ned Cramer, Assoc. AIA, editor-in-chief, ARCHITECT and vice president, editorial at Hanley Wood, challenged his panel of  experts, including our CEO, Serene Almomen, to explore where innovation fits into action that can transform how the built environment is designed to work. You can learn more about the HIVE presentations here. Share this Post

Senseware Alerts

Senseware Alerts Overview

To help you avoid disaster, you can receive real-time alerts on all your critical building equipment. Watch our short video to see how you can install an IoT Smart Building solution in under 3 minutes. Crisis averted. Share this Post

Senseware Controls Overview

We know you are busy and time is money! So we created this quick video to highlight our control features. Check out this 30 second video to learn how you can control systems in your building. Share this Post

M&V Webinar

The New Measurement & Verification Trends. What You Need to Know

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is the underlying rationale for Measurement & Verification which building and facility professionals evaluate and optimize their Energy Conservation Measures. Increased access to energy and other utility data and improved analytics have allowed M&V to become even more efficient, proactive and persistent.