Gordon School | Preventative measures to reduce airborne viral transmission.

The Gordon School is a racially diverse coeducational school serving nursery through eighth grade in East Providence, Rhode Island. For many institutions like The Gordon School, current ventilation capabilities do not adequately dilute pollutants and infectious bioaerosols. Gordon sought preventative measures to reduce airborne viral transmission.

IoT Platform for Schools

Prince William County Schools – Early Warning of Power Failures and Real-Time IoT Data

Looking to promote energy management and sustainability in your school system to improve environmental and fiscal stewardship? Our customer took the lead in exploring practical ways to leverage IoT to produce operational efficiencies. They received early warnings of school power failures and could move quickly to assure student safety and accelerate repairs. The IoT Platform approach gave them additional real-time …

UPTAKE – Industrial Analytics Company Acquiring Unique HVAC Data

Looking for a structured solution to capture needed real-time data to feed your AI and Machine Learning engine? Our customer gained a turn-key industrial IoT Platform solution that enabled the capture of granular operational data from critical HVAC equipment such as RTUs. Given that HVAC assets are critical and widely deployed globally, they had a specific focus on digitizing those …

Fortune 50 Company Implements Real-Time IAQ Solution for Sustainability and Wellness Initiative

Looking for a simple and cost effective way for real-time monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? Our customer gained leading-edge sensor support for CO2, Particulate Matter (PM), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), while retaining the flexibility for other advanced IAQ measures. The fully wireless solution reduced project complexity and simplified installation. Download our case study and learn more.

ENGIE Services U.S. Accelerates Their M&V Project by Reducing Their Time to Data

Looking for a simple and cost effective way to receive real-time monitoring data in your M&V software platform? Our customer did all of the above by installing a full-stack wireless smart building solution of IoT hardware, software and cloud data services that delivers real-time monitoring data to their cloud platform via API. Download our case study and learn more.