IoT Technology Stack

Bridging the gap to unconnected data sources

Digital Transformation Disruption

Only about a third of companies will successfully evolve in the face of industry disruption. New Industry Solutions using enterprise Applications need access to real-time data to produce efficiencies in people, processes and systems.

These Applications are often starved for data because needed Data Sources (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Environmental) are often unconnected and/or inaccessible.

Software-only solutions are not enough. You need a complete IoT technology stack that extends from the physical interface with Data Sources up to the Application Layer interface in the cloud.

Senseware's drop-in IoT technology stack delivers the full solution you need by seamlessly integrating an IoT Core (Cloud) with solution-ready IoT Edge hardware (Monitoring Site). We take care of ALL of the details of IoT hardware and software.

We deliver real-time Data/Analytics to your Applications and will free you to focus up-market on your core business initiatives. Accelerate your time-to market in delivering the real-time cloud services you envision.


Complete IoT Technology Stack
To Build Your Enterprise Applications

IoT Edge (Monitoring Site)

We capture the specific set of data you need.

Our catalog of Bridge devices will interface with the unique set of Data Sources you specify. All Bridges feature mix-and-match connectivity to our wireless Nodes via a Universal Sensor Interface.

From there, our Wireless Networking will seamlessly deliver your data to a Gateway device for transmission to our integrated IoT Core (Cloud).

Don't let IoT development kits slow you down. We've already built the IoT Edge hardware you need to compete in your market domain.

IoT Core (Cloud)

Let's deliver the data you need to your Application.

The IoT Edge (Monitoring Site) seamlessly delivers real-time data to the IoT Core (Cloud).

Real-time stream processing by the IoT Core will generate real-time analytics at your request. Do you need a custom KPI, metric, or data transformation for your Application? The programmable IoT Core will generate as many real-time analytics as you need.

The resulting set of real-time data and real-time analytics can then drive your custom Alerts/Notifications.

You can then create your needed dashboard visualizations based on the real-time Data, Analytics, and Alerts/Notifications.

If you just want the Data/Analytics for your hosted Application, then turn on the data forwarding to the servers of your choice.

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