Introducing IAQ-I

Senseware's First To Market Ion Sensing Solution

Validate the Effectiveness of Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

Senseware’s IAQ measurement tools now integrate next-generation Ion sensors with the introduction of IAQ-I. At the forefront of IAQ innovation, Senseware provides a complete picture of your air and the efficacy of your Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NBPI) system.

"Consumers should request efficacy performance data that quantitatively demonstrates a clear protective benefit under conditions consistent with those for which the consumer is intending to apply the technology."


How It Works


IONIZE NBPI is added to an existing HVAC system releasing ions that purify the air and neutralize contaminants at their source


MEASURE Senseware Real-Time Ion Sensors detect ions in the air throughout a building including hard to reach areas.


ADJUST Senseware real-time monitoring platform alerts to the areas of the building where concentrations of ions are not high enough for air purification, and additional ionization measures are needed.


REMEDIATE After additional ionization measures are applied to the specific areas of need, Senseware Real-Time Ion Sensors continue to measure the air to ensure continued safety.

See Ions in Action

Senseware’s real-time dashboards allow you to see ion reach when ventilation is activated or turned off. Custom thresholds alert you when ion reach is lower than required for your specific application.


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