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Eliminate Data Bottleneck

Ditch the data loggers, eliminate the data collection bottleneck, and gain access to the custom set of real-time analytics you need. Senseware’s IoT Edge hardware captures the specific real-time data you need and will generate your custom analytics in real-time. Our Data Forwards capability will deliver your data/analytics to your servers in real-time for you to do what you do best. Elevate your projects to the next level with real-time insights.

Remote Monitoring Visibility

Limit project liability exposure with Senseware’s real-time alerts and warnings about on-site operations. Senseware’s remote monitoring capability will ensure that you have continual visibility of the status of your projects.

Go-To-Market Acceleration

Are you ready to execute on your technology roadmap for a new product or service? Do you know how you will incorporate IoT into your project initiatives to capture critical real-time data? Senseware’s complete IoT Technology Stack provides the instant foundation you need for digitization of assets in the physical environment. We’ve already built it for you.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Building Efficiency

Improve your Net Operating Income (NOI) by reducing costs, increasing building value, and retaining tenants. Senseware reduces costs by giving all parties visibility into costs and increases value & sustainability by adding capabilities such as dynamic controls and Indoor Air Quality monitoring. Senseware also provides retrofit solutions for older buildings and eliminates the trap of being locked into one vendor.

Facility Management

Managing a building has many moving parts. Stop getting bogged down by walkthroughs and data logging of remote sensors, meters, pumps, and other devices. Streamline your daily workflow by gaining visibility to various building systems via a single pane of glass. Senseware is easy to understand and can be a useful tool to share building information with tenants.

Asset Management

Monitoring critical infrastructure or portfolios of buildings can be difficult to manage without an efficient process to determine status. Senseware allows you to see all your systems and buildings based on priority and can also set warnings and critical alerts.

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