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Reopen Spaces

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all facets of life at an ever-increasing rate and on a global scale. Speculation of how socially and economically impactful these changes will be rightfully occupy the content of news cycles and the minds of individuals and leaders. And with the possibility of COVID continuing to reshape the ways we interact with people and places into 2021, we are confronted with a challenge: how to prepare today for an unknown tomorrow? Isolation and containment is a response, not an answer.

Senseware has a solution that will provide communities with the protection and peace of mind they need to regain hope in finding a new sense of normalcy. Beginning with early detection, we provide real-time, actionable data that allows for immediate action to protect the health and well-being of our communities.

Senseware is tackling the global coronavirus challenge by preparing to re-open businesses. Our Modular Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture accelerates the time for integrating new sensors and devices into a real-time cloud monitoring system. Our ability to accelerate the time-to-market is especially crucial in bringing new solutions online in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


When working with customers to solve issues around real-time data, we look at what data and associated sensors are most appropriate and effective. Coming up with a COVID-19 specific solution was no different. Senseware developed these new product packages based on ongoing scientific research (CDC indicating that COVID-19 spreads mainly through airborne transmission), discussions with experts in the field of infectious diseases and transmission, and ASHRAE’s Position Document on Infectious Aerosols.  

[COVID-19] is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. . . . Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Comprehensive Airborne Monitoring

Senseware is already an acknowledged leader in real-time continuous IAQ monitoring. We accelerate the refresh cycle of our IAQ solutions using a Modular IoT Architecture, far outpacing the industry. Get ready to take another leap forward.

We’re the first to market with real-time continuous Particulate Matter (PM) sensing with enhanced accuracy to 0.3 µm. This is a level of particle counting demanded by cleanroom operations! This PM level monitoring is used to assure that particles, including viruses, don’t remain in the air for unhealthy periods of time and determine the effectiveness of the air filtration strategy.

In addition to PM, this IAQ unit includes temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Ozone (O3) monitoring. CO2 level monitoring is used to assure spaces are not congested and have proper dilution of air and air exchange. Senseware monitors the changes in airborne contaminant levels as indicated by real-time IAQ data to generate a dynamic airflow analysis. We use this dynamic airflow analysis to derive proprietary real-time metrics such as Ventilation Performance Index and Infection Risk Index.

Senseware will also be the first to integrate leading-edge bio-sensors that can detect the existence of viruses (e.g., COVID-19) and other harmful microbes.

HVAC Monitoring

Viruses, including coronavirus, can be transmitted through the air, as it attaches to droplets or particles (bio-aerosol), usually larger than 0.5 μm. Depending on their size, those bio-aerosols can stay still in the air from a few minutes to several hours. Aerosols from infected persons by COVID-19 may pose an inhalation threat even at considerable distances and in enclosed spaces, particularly if there is poor ventilation. And relative humidity levels below 40% are associated with factors that increase infections.

Air Supply flow rates above three Room Air Change per hour (ACH) have been shown to rapidly reduce the fraction of cough-induced inhalation. Well-operated HVAC systems can help reduce the risks of bio-aerosol dissemination. Senseware monitors all aspects of implemented HVAC measures, including continuous Air Flow monitoring to ensure effective air flow patterns and adequate ACH levels, as well as HVAC unit continuous power monitoring for analysis of Duty Cycle, kW, kWh, A, V, PF, etc.

Real-Time, Cloud-Based Monitoring, Alerts & Reporting

Senseware’s IoT Platform is the arbiter of truth. It provides actionable intelligence and assurance: actionable intelligence from more than a dozen sensors to allow responsible parties to take immediate action if a threat is detected; and assurance that all the measures that are put in place to protect people’s health are working as they should.

Sophisticated reporting capabilities assure owners, tenants, property managers, and stakeholders that healthy air quality levels are being maintained around the clock.

Senseware will automatically send notifications as air quality approaches unhealthy levels allowing owners, tenants, and other stakeholders to feel safe in a healthy work environment and get back to business.

Multifaceted Challenge Requires A Multifaceted Solution

Senseware has teamed up with other innovative companies to deliver the technology and systems necessary to ensure the safety of environments and promote health and wellness in the face of the coronavirus.

The system begins by leveraging Senseware’s continuous air quality monitoring to proactively detect the conditions in which COVID-19 thrives and provide on-demand COVID-19 detection. ACT.Global’s long-term surface disinfectant is deployed to kill the virus wherever it is detected.

Senseware is excited about the opportunity to provide the assurance of a healthy environment and the confidence people need to resume life. 


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