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Senseware’s IP Portfolio Reaches New Heights With Three New Patents

Senseware granted three new patents covering remote configuration techniques for low-cost retrofits that deliver real-time building analytics. Senseware, Inc. (Senseware) announced today that with the addition of three new patents, Senseware has grown their IP portfolio to ten total patents. Senseware continues to execute on their strategy of creating a rich collection of IP assets central to the rapidly emerging …

Submetering Surfaces as Key Conservation Tactic for Facility Managers

For building managers aspiring to implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, it’s not enough to simply reduce consumption of energy and water. True resource management calls for ongoing measurement and analysis. Modern monitoring technology allows building managers to measure energy and water consumption with a finer level of detail.

Is Submetering Worth the Investment

Submetering: How Does it Save Money, and Is it Worth the Investment?

Submetering building utility usage means measuring water, gas, and electrical usage below the level required for utility billing. This could mean recording usage data for individual buildings within a multi-building complex, individual tenants within an apartment building, individual systems within one building, or even individual devices within one facility.

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Smart Building Water Management: Good for Your Business and the Planet

As changes to local climates drives water shortages all around the globe, effective water management becomes more and more crucial. When we consider the massive droughts in California; water scarcity in developing nations; and restrictions on water use throughout the U.S., it’s clear that conserving water is in everyone’s best interest.


Submeter Cost Savings: A Case Study

“There are solutions. The information is out there, it’s just a matter of accessing it and harnessing its potential. And no, you don’t have to reconstruct your building from the ground up, nor do you have to install an entirely new electrical system.”

Installation of submeters to improve building efficiency

Short and Long-Term Benefits of Submetering: Improving Building Efficiency and Tenant Billing

Last spring, New York City passed legislation that requires all commercial buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to contain submeters. Twenty-two states, three counties, and Washington, D.C. now have statutes, regulations, or rulings on utility submetering, intended to support equitable billing, conserve energy, and diminish the demand on existing infrastructure and resources.