Introducing our Indoor Air Quality Widget

The Senseware team is excited to announce our Indoor Air Quality Widget. Due to our wildly popular Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Package, the Senseware team has developed and released an IAQ Widget for your dashboards. Senseware’s IAQ Widget can now be added to your dashboards. The Widget works in tandem with your IAQ Packages to display your data in an intuitive way. ​ The IAQ …

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Package

Introducing our Controls App and Our New Indoor Environmental Quality Package

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest feature: The Controls App, allowing you to control equipment based on schedules, sensors and external weather data. We also have some new hardware: our new Indoor Environmental Quality package, including sensors such as sound, pressure and vibration.

Builder Online

The Gift of Data for Better Living and Cost Savings via Builder Online

“Every time that we want a specific type of data, we find a sensor. Sometimes we have to do some development around sensors to make them usable. The trend in every technological field is for more data, not less. Housing is no exception. Technology in housing will push the envelope and customers will expect full awareness of their environmental surroundings. …

New Software Applications Released on The Senseware Platform

Our customers asked, we listened. We are excited to release our new software application capabilities (Apps). We have released two new Apps; a Weather App and a Metering App. The purpose of the Apps is to add additional dimensions to the increasing number and types of data collected in the Senseware platform.  Weather App     Reports have shown that …