Why Continuous Monitoring is the Future of Buildings

Why Continuous Monitoring is the Future of Buildings

Continuous monitoring in commercial buildings is a term used to describe the process of tracking building performance parameters of interest continuously and in real time with the intention of alerting decision makers/ building managers or operators of faults or inefficiencies within the building systems. This includes tracking the performance and energy efficiency of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, …

Smart Building Technology and HVAC Systems

Cracking the Code Between Smart Building Technology and HVAC Systems

Many believe that a smart building has been enhanced with intelligent systems and implements green building concepts. That is far from the truth. A smart building uses a combination of multiple technologies, automated controls and decision-supporting software that provides a rapid and responsive environment. Frequently, they help in enhancing the efficiency and operational effectiveness of building systems like HVAC, while …

HVAC Myths Debunked

HVAC Myths Debunked. How IoT Provides Visibility into Your HVAC Systems

It’s a simple truth that commercial buildings and most homes depend on HVAC systems to keep indoor environmental conditions comfortable. While most property owners agree on this fact, still lots of myths concerning HVAC can be found out there with the potential to jeopardize your efforts. According to a report by US Department of Energy, the primary energy consumption in …

4 Ways to Revitalize Your Building Operations with Continuous Commissioning and IoT

4 Ways to Revitalize Your Building Operations with Continuous Commissioning and IoT

Before continuous commissioning (otherwise called Automated Continuous Commissioning) and IoT (Internet of Things), business structures after construction actualized a onetime calibrating or building advancement process. At the very best, these structures were just being “improved” occasionally (Bi every year, yearly, and so forth) according to plan. This strategy for commissioning posed significant questions amongst business building proprietors/administrators, some of which …

What to Know about Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

What You Need to Know to Select the Best Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Adopting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions for your commercial property, home or any living space is one of the most essential actions you can do to secure the health and safety of occupants using your property. With good IAQ solutions, you not only protect your health and that of others, you ensure you are in the clear with regulators as …

IoT Smart Building Solutions Maximizes ROI in Retrofit Projects

How IoT Smart Building Solutions Can Maximize the ROI of Your Retrofit Project

When dealing with limited budgets, aging structures, and energy accountability, retrofitting is an effective approach to ensure old commercial buildings maintain tiptop performance. The gains include reduction in energy cost, improvement in equipment performance and longevity. Every year it is said that about 5 billion square feet of buildings get retrofitted when compared to new construction. A McGraw Hill construction …

Benefits of Continuous IAQ During Flush Out Process

Benefits of Using Continuous IAQ Monitoring in the Flush Out Process

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in recent times is one factor that has the attention of both tenants and owners of commercial buildings. Increased awareness, quest for better wellbeing, the drive for improvements in energy efficiency, and competition are some factors that have fueled the embers of its popularity among stakeholders.