How You Can Use Sensors to Improve Housing

We now have more cellphones than people in the world. This has led to the expectation that everything has to be at our fingertips. Hence, smart home systems have become popular in the last couple of years. Not only have these devices become affordable but also easy to install and maintain.

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6 Scary Things You Need to Know about Indoor Air Quality

For many of us, the end of October means apple cider, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating. But this year, the most frightening thing that fall has brought is not Halloween – it is the dramatically worsened air quality after several months of sustained wildfires. The continuing wildfires in California have sparked widespread concern about air quality in general, and Indoor Air …

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Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

People see smog, receive air quality advisories from the weather report and smell car exhaust in crowded cities. They know that air pollution is bad, but they may not know about indoor air quality and how much of an impact it has on their lives. Facility managers that want to create a comfortable and healthy business environment for all staff …

3 IoT Smart Building Trends to Look Out For

Smart building technology has made numerous changes to facility and building management, and the Internet of Things helps this sector go one step further. Commercial buildings are the top market for IoT devices, at least until consumer devices reach the one billion mark sometime in 2018. As the IoT market matures, property and facility managers gain many ways to improve …