Ways to Gain ROI with IAQ Strategy with Senseware

The Evolution of Smart Buildings

When someone says “smart building,” what image pops into your mind? You might immediately think of a sleek, monochrome structure, equipped with futuristic technological bells and whistles. In actuality, the future has been here, and for quite some time. Smart buildings are nothing new–the use of technology in building systems in order to make user lives easier has been around …

IoT Smart Building Solutions Maximizes ROI in Retrofit Projects

5 Essential Smart Building Metrics

Technology enables facility managers to measure and collect extensive amounts of data. However, being able to access data is only part of the puzzle for building operators who want to fully recognize the potential of smart buildings. Facility managers must also know what are the most important categories of information to collect and how to manage that data to yield …


Submeter Cost Savings: A Case Study

“There are solutions. The information is out there, it’s just a matter of accessing it and harnessing its potential. And no, you don’t have to reconstruct your building from the ground up, nor do you have to install an entirely new electrical system.”

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Building Efficiency is the Key Driver to Reduce U.S. Energy Consumption

As the standard of living increases, more and more energy is consumed in the U.S. This puts an intensifying strain on the country’s aging grid and forces inefficient and pollution-producing power plants to help meet demand. Something has to give. Luckily, increasing building efficiency can be an easy and effective way to provide relief, particularly when it comes to bringing …

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IoT Smart Building Opportunities in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Smart thermostats and automated lighting systems will make our homes smarter eventually, but technology will likely have a greater impact on commercial properties in the short term. Research firm Gartner calculates that smart commercial buildings will be the highest user of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies; smart homes are not expected to surpass commercial properties until 2018, when they could …

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Cloud Utility Data: The Gold Standard for Facilities Management Today

The Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically altered the landscape of many industries, and facilities management is no exception. Moving facilities management to the cloud results in considerable money and time savings for the typical property owner. Cloud utility data gives managers an instantly accessible real-time picture of energy, water, and gas consumption in one property or even a group …

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5 Best Practices for Commercial Building Energy Management

It is estimated that the average commercial building wastes up to 30 percent of its energy on any given day. Considering the substantial monetary ramifications of excess energy consumption, this statistic illustrates the essential role that energy management must play in achieving acceptable ROI for commercial building owners.

Using Energy Management Systems to Improve Sustainability

Using Energy Management Systems to Improve Sustainability

Sustainability has become more than just a PR talking point. Businesses and individuals alike are changing the way they do business and live their lives, in order to reduce their carbon footprint and consume less energy. Now, thanks to the Internet of Things and various new smart devices, many businesses and commercial buildings are jumping on the bandwagon by using energy …

Sensor Networks Extend Connectivity

Sensor Networks Extend Digital Connectivity: 3 Factors to Consider Before You Buy

  As the deployment of digital sensors extends digitization and connectivity to previously analog tasks, processes, and machine and service operations; low-cost, scalable, wireless sensor networks are necessary to bring order to the chaos created by an increasing amount of data. When GE realized that connecting their products through a common system would allow increased opportunities for optimization and analytics …