Wired versus Wiredless

The Truth About IoT Implementations – Wireless vs. Wired

What is Internet of things (IoT)? There is a lot of hype around IoT and how it can benefit us, from self-driving cars to detecting glucose levels for better human health. At it’s simplest form, a fitness band used to monitor physical activity is an example. Other complex use cases involve managing HVAC systems for energy management, factories using IoT …

Utility Strategies for Energy Efficiency

Utility Strategies for Energy Efficiency: Measurement & Verification (M&V) and Ongoing Commissioning

The world energy consumption is constantly rising. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the increase is well over 28% between 2015 and 2040. It is important to note that in commercial buildings, this number is even higher at nearly 40%. Add to this the pressure exerted by government agencies about depleting energy supplies and global climate change. To meet …

Is Submetering Worth the Investment

Submetering: How Does it Save Money, and Is it Worth the Investment?

Submetering building utility usage means measuring water, gas, and electrical usage below the level required for utility billing. This could mean recording usage data for individual buildings within a multi-building complex, individual tenants within an apartment building, individual systems within one building, or even individual devices within one facility.

The Importance of Building Commissioning (Cx)

The Importance of Building Commissioning (Cx)

In the 2016 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency indicator survey, 72 percent of respondents have plans to increase investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. “Going Green” and “Environmentally Friendly” are no longer newsworthy, trending headlines. Now, there is a growing focus on how to achieve energy efficiency in the most cost-effective way. This is where commissioning (Cx) comes in to play. …

Cracking the Code Between Smart Building Technologies and IoT to Boost IAQ

The Future Role of IT in Smart Buildings

As information technology (IT) develops further, it is important to distinguish how it differs from operations technology (OT). Both types of technology can be used to improve a smart building. IT is the spectrum of technologies for processing information. IT usually includes the setup and maintenance of a network. OT is hardware and software that senses or causes a change …

How IoT Unlocks the Captive Real Estate Market

How IoT Unlocks the Captive Real Estate Market

More and more facility managers are looking at the Internet of Things to address building automation obsolescence and the captive real estate market. This is because legacy BAS equipment vendors may provide limited upgrade paths or fail to include modern features. Even now, facility managers often face high-cost upgrades from the vendor, operation disruption from switching to another vendor, or are …

The Role of Predictive Maintenance

The Role of Predictive Maintenance

Today’s buildings are smarter than ever, with automation systems and other technology offering facility managers deep insight into operations. They have the opportunity to monitor areas that were previously unable to have sensors thanks to the Internet of Things. Integrated solutions improve visibility on a granular and broad level and make it possible for managers to move from preventative to …