3 Ways IoT Will Make a Greener Year

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an industry that is only getting bigger. Currently, the industry is projected to reach 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020. Fiscally, Cisco predicts that the IoT market will generate an expected $14.4 trillion in increased revenues by 2022. As we head deeper into 2017, it is a good time to look at all the …


Submeter Cost Savings: A Case Study

“There are solutions. The information is out there, it’s just a matter of accessing it and harnessing its potential. And no, you don’t have to reconstruct your building from the ground up, nor do you have to install an entirely new electrical system.”

Smart Buildings Evolve to Smart Offices and Enhance the Human Experience

By Megan Bozman My longtime business mentor likes to say I’m a plant that requires sunshine for photosynthesis. While this isn’t literally true, of course, I feel best when I’m in view of natural light. I also prefer a quiet environment for work and studying, and still have fond memories of this gorgeous old library at my alma mater, Lehigh …

Building efficiency reduces energy consumption image

Building Efficiency is the Key Driver to Reduce U.S. Energy Consumption

As the standard of living increases, more and more energy is consumed in the U.S. This puts an intensifying strain on the country’s aging grid and forces inefficient and pollution-producing power plants to help meet demand. Something has to give. Luckily, increasing building efficiency can be an easy and effective way to provide relief, particularly when it comes to bringing …