Is Submetering Worth the Investment

Submetering: How Does it Save Money, and Is it Worth the Investment?

Submetering building utility usage means measuring water, gas, and electrical usage below the level required for utility billing. This could mean recording usage data for individual buildings within a multi-building complex, individual tenants within an apartment building, individual systems within one building, or even individual devices within one facility.

Multiple commissioning types that can improve a facility's

The Various Types of Commissioning (Cx)

If you’re reading this blog post and aren’t quite sure what commissioning (Cx) is, read up on last week’s post here. If you already know about building commissioning, then you are ready to learn about the different commissioning types. While it is easy to assume that Cx is the same for every building, there are certain factors that determine which commissioning type is appropriate to use.

The Importance of Monitoring Cooling Towers

Most commercial office buildings, hospitals, and schools use a cooling tower as part of their air conditioning systems. Water and energy usage are large, common issues to monitor cooling towers for. The typical cooling tower can also last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, and the cost to replace one ranges from $80,000 to more than $200,000.

The Importance of Building Commissioning (Cx)

The Importance of Building Commissioning (Cx)

In the 2016 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency indicator survey, 72 percent of respondents have plans to increase investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. “Going Green” and “Environmentally Friendly” are no longer newsworthy, trending headlines. Now, there is a growing focus on how to achieve energy efficiency in the most cost-effective way. This is where commissioning (Cx) comes in to play. …

Reliable Building Data

7 Ways Smart Buildings are Changing Commercial Real Estate

Smart building technology has a profound effect on many industries, such as manufacturing, as well as the commercial real estate market. Today’s businesses are looking for more than an empty building that they house their equipment in. The smart building features are as much of a selling point as the location. Here are seven other ways that smart buildings are …

12 Commercial Energy Conservation Tips

Commercial and residential buildings account for 40 percent of the United States’ total energy consumption, but facility managers can decrease an individual building’s usage by 30 percent through aggressive conservation efforts. While no single tip can decimate monthly energy expenditures, combining several tips will lead to a substantial reduction in energy use. Even small changes can easily lead to a …

IoT Smart Building Solutions Maximizes ROI in Retrofit Projects

5 Essential Smart Building Metrics

Technology enables facility managers to measure and collect extensive amounts of data. However, being able to access data is only part of the puzzle for building operators who want to fully recognize the potential of smart buildings. Facility managers must also know what are the most important categories of information to collect and how to manage that data to yield …