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Senseware’s IP Portfolio Reaches New Heights With Three New Patents

Senseware granted three new patents covering remote configuration techniques for low-cost retrofits that deliver real-time building analytics. Senseware, Inc. (Senseware) announced today that with the addition of three new patents, Senseware has grown their IP portfolio to ten total patents. Senseware continues to execute on their strategy of creating a rich collection of IP assets central to the rapidly emerging …

IoT Smart Building Solutions Maximizes ROI in Retrofit Projects

5 Essential Smart Building Metrics

Technology enables facility managers to measure and collect extensive amounts of data. However, being able to access data is only part of the puzzle for building operators who want to fully recognize the potential of smart buildings. Facility managers must also know what are the most important categories of information to collect and how to manage that data to yield …


Submeter Cost Savings: A Case Study

“There are solutions. The information is out there, it’s just a matter of accessing it and harnessing its potential. And no, you don’t have to reconstruct your building from the ground up, nor do you have to install an entirely new electrical system.”

Smart Building Solution with Senseware

Why You Should be Using IoT for Energy and Water Management Data Collection

The Internet of Things (IoT), a collective term relating to sensors and Internet-connected devices, continues to connect the world in ways we never imagined. IoT brings real-time visibility, enabling users to monitor and control physical assets. Reductions in sensor size and cost allow for monitoring and control on a bigger and bigger scale. One study suggests that by 2025, IoT could become …