The IoT will impact jobs

The Impact of IoT on Jobs

By Megan Bozman

Internet of Things to kill 94,000 jobs by 2021, says report.”

I hate sensationalist headlines.

The use of the verb ‘kill’ gives the impression of damage and destruction. In reality, this is more of a realignment. Certainly jobs will be eliminated as new technology automates the human element to the point of rendering it obsolete.

But the same thing happened before with that whole industrial revolution thing. Humanity is certainly not worse off. Similarly, the advancement of the internet of things is positive, rather than a plague on employment.

IoT Impact on Jobs in India

The aforementioned sensationalist headline refers to a report by consulting firm Zinnov that found that India will lose about 69,000 jobs until 2021 due to IoT technology. “Internet of things technology will impact 120,000 jobs in the country by 2021. 94,000 jobs will be eliminated, and 25,000 jobs will be created in the five-year period,” Hardik Tiwari, engagement lead at Zinnov, told The Economic Times.

The IoT will impact jobs

Employees of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) work inside the company headquarters in Mumbai March 14, 2013. Reuters

“People working in areas such as office administration, support staff and those in maintenance will see their roles being taken over by technology. The new jobs created will be IoT product managers, robot coordinators, industrial programmers and network engineers.”

John Chambers, Executive Chairman of the Board, Cisco, paints a less bleak picture of the impact of technology in India. “From new jobs, to more innovation and a booming startup community – the opportunity in India has never been better.” Support for India’s growing startup ecosystem includes tax breaks, VC funds, cheaper and faster patent applications, and an 80 percent rebate on patent costs.

IoT Creating New Jobs

According to Jesse Berst of the Smart Cities Council, some cities that have invested in the Internet of Things are also attracting high-tech jobs. The people at How Stuff Works compiled a list of ten of the newest jobs borne out the IoT, which included agricultural technologist, wearable tech designer, and data security. I’m surprised analyst didn’t feature on the list as well, as analyzing data gathered from IoT sensors is a crucial component of realizing value from the IoT.

Job Evolution

As TechCrunch Network Contributor Zach Supalla wrote, “In a nutshell, IoT will do exactly what technology does everywhere — it supplants low-skill jobs with high-skill jobs.


Mr. Supalla speculates what those new jobs might be and lists, “Chief Internet of Things Officer (CIoTO).” That is fun to say. And hopefully a role that will lead to more fun tech for me to write about.

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